PreGel yogurt-flavored Gelato, light and natural with an intense taste, has conquered clients and consumers all over the world. Now regarded as a classic flavor, it’s transformed the notion of gelato from being purely a moment of pleasure into a concept that it is a healthy sweet treat.


“Innovation”, explains Dr. Luciano Rabboni, founder and president of PreGel “has been one of our keys to success from the very beginning. The yogurt flavored gelato, of which Yoggi® is the progenitor, is the perfect example of that, even if it’s not the only one. The improvements of this product line through the years have addressed the evolution of the market trends and of consumers’ needs, boosting a market segment that has soon ceased to be a niche and has become a worldwide phenomenon.”. The first yogurt based gelato product was born quite by chance”, continues Dr. Rabboni, “it was Sunday and I was all alone in my lab, I had this sudden idea and I immediately tried it. I was stunned by the result: the first and original Yoggi® was born, the first yogurt flavored gelato ever. It was 1985. We launched it soon after during the Longarone Expo, in Italy, and that was the beginning of its overwhelming success, that still continues many years after.”
Thanks to its unique fresh taste and its unparalleled quality, Yoggi® PreGel has been a bestseller in the global market for almost 30 years. The origin and reason of such a success are explained directly from its creator : “The search for new innovative products and flavors that could help our customers increasing their businesses has always compelled me to explore all that is “new”. Nonetheless, to create a real and lasting success, the novelty element is not enough. A novelty, must be without doubt a high quality product, otherwise it is better not launching it at all.”
After the launch of Yoggi®, many competitors tried to reproduce its taste and quality but, thank godness, they are still trying!