If you are thinking about starting your own business, here are 10 good reasons to choose a frozen yogurt store with PreGel:

  • Frozen yogurt is one of the most popular products because it is healthy, tasty, customizable and affordable. Yogurt stores are experiencing a real boom, and the consumption growth rate is steadily increasing while the demand for this product far exceeds the actual supply. For all these reasons success prospects are very positive.
  • A small 20sq m store is more than enough to open a yogurt store, since the necessary equipment is limited and not overly bulky.
  • Initial investment for the startup phase is quite low, starting from a minimum of 30.000€ for a small business.
  • Profit margins are high, thanks to a limited product cost and the possibility, with a few little devices, to reduce raw materials waste.
  • It only takes a few people to effectively manage a yogurt store: two people are enough for a small point of sale, and the business can be easily handled by a family.